A while back Microsoft announced the new and shiny Windows Server 2022 and just a few weeks ago the ISO of the technical preview has been made public.
What is new you might ask? Well from the articles I read, Windows Server 2022 is more secure, has a better integration with Windows Admin Center (aka modern MMCs) and has simpler migration steps if you want to move your server to Microsoft Azure. Check the article at the bottom of this page.

There are also some visual changes. Take a look at the start screen:

Microsoft Edge Chromium comes pre-installed on Windows Server 2022:

Icons are modern looking like in the latest versions of Windows 10:

The Settings app looks also slightly different

The old Control Panel is luckily still around:

So while aesthetically you might say very little has changed from Windows Server 2019 or even 2016, I am positive that Microsoft has done a lot of changes under the hood that matter and make your infrastructure more secure than ever. This is the version of Windows Server you want to install by default in 1-2 years time.