Updating VMware Tools on a Citrix Provisioning Master Image used to be very time consuming. Nowadays it has gotten a little better, but you still have to do a few extra steps because of the vmxnet3 network adapter. Here are the steps that I took when upgrading to the newest Vmware Tools that came with ESXi 8.0 update.

  • Start the Master VM
  • Once booted up, add a new E1000E network card
  • Check in device manager if the E1000E/Intel network card can be seen
  • Shutdown VM
  • In the Provisioning console, change the mac address of the target device to that of the E1000E network card
  • Disconnect vmxnet3 NIC (uncheck connect on power on)
  • Start Master VM. Beware that the E1000E NIC is emulated and is painfully slow. I had instances where it took 15 minutes to boot up!
  • Once booted up, start VMware Tools upgrade through Vcenter (interactive)
  • Visual C++ Redistributable might be installed, you might need to reboot
  • Let boot
  • Start Vmware Tools upgrade again (interactive)
  • Run the installer
  • Shutdown VM
  • Disconnect E1000E NIC (uncheck connect on power on)
  • Connect vmxnet3 NIC (check connect on power on)
  • Boot
  • Once booted, fully remove E1000E fully
  • In device manager, show hidden devices and delete the greyed out Intel NIC

This time there are no references. I had to try and error myself.